Global custody services

Global custody is at the core of what we do and is integral component of our identity as one of the world's premier custodians. Our forward-looking custody services drive efficiency and scale through technology innovation, operational excellence, and the optimization of traditional custody platforms, helping to keep clients’ assets safe in a digitally interconnected world.

We offer a comprehensive suite of custody services – including safekeeping and settlement, asset servicing network management, cash management and near real-time reporting to help your growth objectives.

Elevating corporate action services

We blend market expertise and corporate action knowledge with extensive vendor, depository and subcustodian sources, equipping you with the information and support to seamlessly navigate the end-to-end process.

Fortifying asset safekeeping and settlements

A global ecosystem of subcustodians, agent banks, and depositories helps us to safekeep your assets and adapt to market moves toward atomic settlement, most recently the compression of the settlement windows from T+2 to T+1, giving you the confidence you need to invest.

Navigating networks and insightful information

Our accomplished team of network managers act as your local guide providing actionable market intelligence and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Effortless account opening

Leveraging our expansive reach and market access, we simplify the account opening process of inaugurating cash and securities accounts across international investment landscapes. Our meticulous attention ensures compliance with regulatory mandates.

Efficient income collection

We efficiently settle income from your investments across various markets, providing contractual income options that grant you timely access to funds on pay date; regardless of actual market payment, ensuring your cash management planning is not impacted. 

Untaxing tax services

We provide the tax services you need to support your business. This includes a cost effective and efficient reclaim processing service, with easy access to regulation monitoring, exemptions and reductions at source. Our solutions also encompass requests for residency certifications and market intelligence regarding market transaction taxes.

Pioneering proxy services

In collaboration with a premier service providers, we extend proxy support across more than 100 markets, and improving the connectivity between investors and issuers. 

Fast, near real-time reporting

Our flexible data management capabilities provide transparent, up-to-the-moment views of your custody activity. This includes trade status, positions, asset servicing events, cash forecasting, intraday cash reporting, and daily and monthly priced holdings. 

Transparent cash management services

Explore an array of active and passive cash management solutions designed to cater to your needs ꟷ from deposit accounts to automated sweeps, repurchase agreements, treasury securities, and time deposits.

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