Hedge Fund Services

Hedge Fund Solutions

Our comprehensive and dedicated hedge fund services span the entire investment process across different fund strategies, domiciles and structures. We have a global footprint and extensive experience serving some of the world’s most sophisticated and complex managers. Our customized end-to-end solutions include multiple financing options, deep insights and industry best practices, enabling you to navigate the ever-changing markets confidently. Our specialized teams with extensive experience automating the most complex funds and fee structures in the industry, help you to act quickly and confidently to meet investor demands and achieve growth. With our follow-the-sun operating model, we offer flexibility across the globe, supporting you in multiple time zones.

Supporting the front office
Our Charles River Investment Solution offers extensive decision support capabilities for creating and managing multiple strategies across asset classes. With our highly automated platform, we offer real-time calculation of profit and loss, providing a comprehensive view of investment performance and risk exposures. Our automated compliance helps with regulatory obligations such as Government Securities Division (GSD), MiFID II and Dodd-Frank. 

Empowering the middle office
We cover your entire trade cycle from trade-date processing and confirmation to discrepancy reporting, trade settlement and collateral management. Our proprietary middle-office services are integrated with Advent Geneva general ledger platform. This provides a consolidated Account Book of Records and Investment Book of Records services, streamlining the workflow for faster processing and quick reconciliation. 

Efficient processing for the back office
Our back office fund accounting solution helps you with reconciliation, security and portfolio valuation, and net asset value calculation. 

Why State Street

We draw on decades of specialized experience and an integrated, front-to-back platform to support our clients. By streamlining the investment process, you can access the efficiencies, insights, speed and execution you need across your investment operations. Emergent managers can benefit from our partnership with Coremont that allows you to focus on alpha, not administration, in a fund’s crucial early stages. Our proprietary risk engine calculates security-level exposure, risk decomposition, performance, liquidity and stress testing analytics using a historic revaluation model, offering you an edge to make better and informed investment decisions.

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