Leverage our research-backed data and strategic partnerships with leading academics in the industry to identify risks, formulate your growth strategy and make informed investment decisions. We curate diverse and distinct datasets, develop turnkey indicators and deliver actionable insights that can be integrated into any investment process. Access our research through:

  • Insights, our exclusive online research portal that hosts all our research and interactive charts for constructing and evaluating portfolios
  • Face-to-face meetings with our strategists, researchers and academic partners
  • Conferences and roundtables

Gain access to a deep understanding of investor behavior, emerging media narratives, economic trends and risk dynamics through our research platform that uses data-driven indicators to derive up-to-date insights from our information set.

Market commentary
Our team of macro strategists produce recurring commentary on equity, fixed income and currency markets around the world, offering a differentiated view on global market trends, risk and opportunities.

Investor behavior
Benefit from institutional flows and holdings in equities, fixed income and foreign exchange (FX), derived from a proprietary database. While our bellwether Institutional Investor Indicators are available to the public, our clients can gain access to a much more comprehensive suite of analytics.

Bespoke measurements of risk, correlation and concentration monitor the likelihood of tail events.

We provide the world’s leading source of high-frequency inflation statistics derived from more than five million products sold online by retailers in more than 20 countries.

Get insights from media sentiment metrics covering global equity and FX markets, as well as the major thematic narratives that are driving markets, from more than 100,000 digital media sources across more than 70 countries.

Private equity
Make informed decisions with our cash flow and company valuation data from a proprietary database of more than $US5 trillion private equity instruments.*

Thought leadership
Access our white papers and peer-reviewed research articles related to macro/multi-asset investor behavior, hedging, risk regimes, liquidity risk, private assets, portfolio construction and more.

The importance of financial research

The State Street difference

Backed by 20 years of experience, our indicators, models and publications now span across assets classes, countries, factors and even environmental, social and governance. Our research service uncovers unique metrics of investor behavior, media sentiment, online inflation and price-based measures of risk to give you an information edge. Gain a deeper insight and a differentiated data analysis into the major drivers of volatility in global markets using our proprietary indicators and expert market research.

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