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A New Vision for Value in Asset Management

To gauge sentiment across the investment industry, we asked 400 asset managers across the globe one question: Over the next year, to what extent will the opportunity for profitable growth increase or decrease for your business?

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Asset managers are on the threshold of a new era. As assets under management continue to rise, our research finds the industry’s leading players jostling to catch the next wave of growth.

Our global survey of 400 asset managers shows that leading players in the industry are finding new ways to create value for their clients. They’re revamping their investment strategies, upgrading their capabilities and hunting for acquisitions that could extend their expertise or reach.

What does value look like in an environment with shifting client demands and new competitive pressures? Our research report has the full story.

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How are asset managers and investors responding to growth opportunities and challenges in the market? In conjunction with FT Live, we brought together five industry experts to answer that question and more. With our Asset Manager research as a backdrop, our panelists — including Mike Karpik, Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa for State Street Global Advisors — offer insights into customization, risk and analytics, and the impact of technology in a data-driven environment.

View the quick summary videos below, or visit FT Live to watch the full webcast.

Tailoring Solutions for Clients

Risk and Analytics

Data and Impact of Technology

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About the Research

This report is based on a State Street survey of 400 senior executives in the asset management industry. The State Street 2015 Asset Manager Survey was conducted by FT Remark in April and May 2015. Respondents from 23 countries participated, with the majority from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the UK and US. Respondents manage assets for both institutional and retail clients, spanning traditional and alternative strategies.