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  • “Dependency Ratios.” “Retirement Gap.” Sounds serious. What does it mean for retirement?
  • With fewer workers to support a growing retirement population, we need to close the distance between retirement and savings.
  • Just how long will the average retirement last? Take a closer look.

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Pensions with Purpose: Meeting the Retirement Challenge

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Pension funds are united by one goal: master risk.

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Managing the Impact

Pension funds that take ownership of five key challenges are moving forward with confidence.

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Our new research study identifies five key areas where all funds must act to take control of their future.

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Governance Matters

Pension funds are taking immediate and decisive action on governance.

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Keeping It Real

Your peers offer insight into how they’re responding to market challenges.

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The pension industry faces colossal challenges in its mission to deliver the best retirement outcomes for citizens, amid vast demographic change and rising dependency ratios* globally. Pension funds must rethink their strategies as they’re tested by historically low interest rates, market volatility and funding pressures.

Our global survey of 400 pension funds shows that to succeed in this environment, industry leaders are establishing ‘mission clarity’ — defining a sustainable strategy to deliver an acceptable level of retirement income for their members over the long term.

Their approach? Taking greater ownership of member outcomes. Our new pension research study identifies five key areas where all funds must act to take control of their future.

*This economic measure is the ratio of dependents (i.e., people older than 64) to the working-age population. As populations grow older, increases in these ratios are important indicators of the added pressures that retirement and public health systems must withstand.

Data sourced from World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. ©2015 United Nations. Reprinted with the permission of the United Nations. Data downloaded on December 4, 2015.

About the Research

This report is based on a State Street survey of 400 senior executives in the pension fund industry. The State Street 2015 Asset Owner Survey was conducted by Longitude Research in October and November 2015. Respondents of the global survey included representatives of public and private pension or retirement systems, and superannuation funds across 20 countries. The quantitative research was supplemented by in-depth interviews with 43 pension industry experts from 13 countries.