July 2024


The rise of private credit: A new frontier for investors

2024 private markets outlook

The private credit market is expanding as more companies seek loans from non-bank lenders, which oftentimes present more favorable financing terms than banks.

In fact, the asset class has tripled in assets under management since 2012, and it’s becoming more attractive to new types of investors such as insurers, institutional and/or individual investors. According to research conducted by Preqin, an investment data company, investors manage US$1.5 trillion globally in private credit, which is expected to grow to US$2.3 trillion by 2027.

However, the rise of private credit comes with its own set of challenges for asset managers and institutional investors. In this podcast, Kali Jakobi Long, senior marketing manager, Charles River Development, and James Jefski, regional head of Alternatives Segment - North America, State Street, discuss how companies can effectively navigate the exponential growth this asset class is witnessing and highlight the challenges investors face, including:

  • Data management and transparency
  • Volatile financing rates
  • Tightened regulations and reporting requirements
  • Changing macroeconomic environment

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