Multi-Asset Class Solutions


The complexity of today’s investment landscape has increased the need for greater transparency across all asset classes and portfolios. In a search for yield, pension funds are increasing their allocation to alternatives, which require more robust analytics and reporting than traditional assets. To meet this demand for increased visibility, we partnered with Solovis® in September 2019 with as part of our multi-asset class solution to design a comprehensive, multi-asset class platform that will equip firms with the information and insights they need to track performance and identify new opportunities for growth.

Our solution, a differentiator to what is available in the industry, fully integrates your core accounting book of record data, as well as private market investment data, leveraging State Street AlphaSM data management platform. You can benefit from a single platform that can be used across operations and investment teams — eliminating data processing and management, and robust capabilities for both public and private market investments.

These capabilities include support for both a performance book of record based on accounting data and a separate book of record with an unlagged investment view, side-by-side time-weighted and money-weighted returns, public market equivalent and key multiples across private assets, dynamic compositing, exposure across public and private assets, attribution, ex-post risk capabilities, liquidity management supporting hedge fund terms and a cash flow forecasting/pacing module. All of these capabilities use the same core data set, eliminating the need for reconciliation efforts.

Why State Street

Our platform will serve as a centralized location with all our investment and market data supporting performance, attribution, exposure, ex-post risk and liquidity across all asset classes. With our multi-asset class solution, you will have the information and insights you need to track performance and identify new opportunities for growth.

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