Performance and Analytics


In an evolving, data-centric financial market, transparent and holistic investment analysis to assess your portfolio performance is critical to giving you the insight you need to make better investment decisions.

Our integrated performance and analytics solutions offer a comprehensive perspective of your investments, providing key insights into your operational strategy. We give you a transparent view into the complete history of your portfolio, including every cash movement and investment valuation.

Performance measurement
Based on your requirements, we use industry-standard methodologies on a daily or monthly basis across all asset types, with full drill-down details from the aggregate to the security level.

We offer top-down, bottom-up and enhanced attribution options for benchmark relative analysis on passive and active strategies.

We provide you with portfolio analysis at sector, country and security levels to explore insights and connect to the information most relevant to you.

Multi-asset class performance
Our multi-asset class solution covers all portfolio information — including alternative investment data — on one platform, so you can manage, view and analyze your entire investment universe on a single screen.

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) composite services
Our solutions assist you with composite maintenance, disclosures and documentation, helping you meet compliance requirements.

Peer universe comparison
Built from more than 20,000 portfolios with assets exceeding US$2 trillion, our universes of data allow you to compare peer group data for any portfolio and analyze historical returns against a multitude of indices.

Market index data
We have a comprehensive library of standard indices and advanced customization capabilities that help you analyze your investment program efficiently.

Why State Street

As a global leader in investment services, our solutions draw on thousands of portfolios and indices to deliver holistic performance data and analysis. Our performance and analytics tools can be tailored to your portfolio to give relevant insights to the performance metrics that matter to your business. We also cater to a complete range of assets classes – from securities to real estate – and provide expert investment insight, giving you data on how market and performance values have evolved over time.

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