Insurance Investment Accounting (PAM)

Insurance Investment Accounting

Effective management of investment performance requires appropriate tools and information to meet multi-basis accounting requirements like local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), tax, statutory management and International Financial Reporting Standards.

PAM®, our comprehensive accounting and management platform, is flexible and can be configured to operate across multiple asset classes, currencies and portfolio types. It provides transaction management, cash management, reporting, recordkeeping and valuation — all in a single system.

PAM® for investments
We give you a flexible investment accounting platform that grows with your business and includes functions like wide asset coverage, from traditional assets to mortgages, bank loans, derivatives as well as private assets and rapid data conversion to conserve time. You also have access to a whole suite of standard reports and customizable interactive views through our online portal in addition to numerous standard data extracts across a wide range of domains to satisfy your data needs.

PAM for Unit Value Trade (UVT)
Our complete unit value pricing and trading solution can help you automate your variable annuity products and improve accuracy. PAM for UVT supports you across tasks, with advanced technology to streamline processing — eliminating manual work and reducing errors. Our platform delivers the benefits of automated pricing and trading, with a range of methods to determine unit value, along with NAIC regulatory reporting, SEC performance reporting, accounting, corrections processing and financial reporting. We help you organize the processes around your variable annuity products, so you can improve efficiency and reduce expenses. A wide range of standard reports and customizable interactive views for PAM for UVT data is also available for your use in our online portal,

Why State Street

With more than 30 years of experience as an insurance industry leader, State Street is one of the largest service providers to insurance companies across the world, establishing reliability. Our solutions platform, PAM, was awarded the best portfolio accounting platform at the Annual Buy-Side Technology Awards 2020. By choosing PAM, you get several accounting parameter choices and can define accounting rules to create a processing environment that meets your needs. We build long-term partnerships and have strong relationships with large public accounting firms that give us an opportunity to consult with these firms as changes arise.

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