Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Comment Letters

July 4, 2023
ESA's Consultation on Review of SFDR Delegated Regulation Regarding PAI and Financial Product Disclosures

May 22, 2023
FCA Discussion Paper-Updating and Improving the UK Regime for Asset Management

February 28, 2023
UK Transition Plan Task Force-Draft Disclosure Framework and Implementing Guidance

February 10, 2023
BoE, PRA, FCA Discussion Paper on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

January 30, 2023
FCA Consultation on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Investment Labels

November 18, 2022
Ireland Houses of Oireachtas-General Scheme of Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System Bill

July 29, 2022
UK DWP Consultation on Helping Savers Understand Pension Choices

July 23, 2022
FCA Discussion Paper on Resilience of Money Market Funds

June 10, 2022
EC Consultation on Functioning of ESG Ratings Market in EU and on Consideration of ESG Factors in Credit Ratings

May 13, 2022
EC Targeted Consultation on Functioning of Money Market Fund Regulation

May 11, 2022
UK DWP Consultation on Facilitating Investment in Illiquid Assets

April 29, 2022
ESMA Draft Opinion on Trading Venue Perimeter

January 7, 2022

UK FCA Discussion Paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Investment Labels

October 26, 2021
EBA Draft RTS on Criteria for Identification of Shadow Banking Entities

September 30, 2021
FCA, PRA, BOE Discussion Paper-Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Sector

September 10, 2021
FCA Consultation on Enhancing Climate-related Disclosures

June 30, 2021
ESMA Consultation on Review of EU Money Market Funds Regulation

April 20, 2021
HM Treasury Call for Input on Review of UK Funds Regime

February 2, 2021
EC Consultation on Review of Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR)

January 29, 2021
EC Consultation on AIFMD Review

October 7, 2020
UK DWP Consultation Regarding Pension Schemes’ Governance and Reporting on Climate-related Risk

September 1, 2020
ESA Consultation on on Sustainability-related Disclosures in Financial Sector

August 21, 2020
HM Treasury and Statistics Authority Consultation on Reform to Retail Price Index Methodology

August 20, 2020
UK DWP Review of Default Fund Charge Cap and Standardized Cost Disclosure

June 11, 2020
EC Consultation on Revision of Non-Financial Reporting Directive

June 10, 2020
BOE Discussion Paper on Central Bank Digital Currency

May 15, 2020
Euronext Trading Hours Consultation

March 24, 2020
EC Consultation on EU Framework for Markets in Crypto Assets

March 2, 2020
EIOPA Consultation-Regulation for Pan-European Personal Pension Product