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NEWSLETTERS: How do you stay informed about what’s going on in the industry? Sign up to get newsletters on the topics and themes most relevant to your business. Cadence: Once per month

RESEARCH: We’ll send you our latest research with fresh thinking, new perspectives and insights on key industry trends. Cadence: Up to two times per month

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SURVEYS: We’re in an environment that’s always changing. And we want to know your thoughts. Cadence: One or two surveys a quarter

WEBINARS: An informal way to share our perspective and hear yours. Cadence: Invitations, reminders and follow-up emails sent once or twice a month.

PRODUCTS: You’ll get information about our products and services that we believe can help you move your business forward. Cadence: One or two times a month

listen:  We’re listening to markets, technology, innovation and social change. And we’ll bring our findings to you. Cadence: Once a month

Your Rights

As a person who provides State Street with personal information, you may inquire as to the nature of the personal information stored at and/or processed by State Street. You will be provided reasonable access to your personal information held by State Street and, where appropriate, with the ability to review and correct inaccuracies. State Street will cooperate in providing such access. All such requests for access may be made by submitting your Personal Data Access Request via the Contact Us form.

To help protect your privacy and provide security, State Street takes reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access to information. State Street shall respond to such reasonable requests made by you within such time period as required under applicable law after your identity has been confirmed and you have clarified the specific personal information that you require. If you demonstrate that the purpose for which the personal information is being processed is no longer legal or appropriate, the personal information will be deleted, unless the law or applicable data retention requirements require otherwise.

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