State Street LIVE Munich

From robotics to cryptocurrency, there’s no stopping the digitization of the financial industry. Meanwhile, new dimensions in diversity, ESG, agile and purpose demand new ways of working. And seismic shifts in the geopolitical landscape are keeping the investment world guessing.

Experts and innovators in technology, economics and culture joined us at State Street LIVE in Munich to talk about what’s driving change in our industry and our world.

Watch their talks to find out more.

Alex Batlin

The Case for Crypto


Andrew Erickson

Ryan Dodd

Cybersecurity: the Surprising G in ESG

Andrew Erickson

Elliot Hentov

Expect the Unexpected


Stephen Schmidt-Tank

Big, Fast, Transformative: Data in the Cloud

Tobias Windbrake

Collaboration in Action


Bill Connolly

Julie Becker

Finance with Purpose: Investing in the Future

Clara Durodié

Learning to Trust Machines

Esko Kilpi

The Future of Work


David Suetens

David Suetens

Finding Growth among Uncertainty



Bill Connolly

Ghela Boskovich

Removing Unconcious Bias from AI


Jessica Donohue

David Gordon

Six Big Issues for the Rest of 2018

Wolfgang Munchau

The Long Run Impact of Populism in Europe


Robin Tombs

When Biometrics Become Your Identity