Jessica Donohue

Jessica Donohue

Jessica Donohue is executive vice president and client executive, focused on delivering cross-enterprise solutions and insights to our global and most complex clients.

Jessica has over 20 years of work experience in the financial services industry. Most recently, she was responsible for our specialized services including performance and analytics, investment compliance, financial reporting and treasury services. Previously, she served as the global head of performance and analytics for State Street.

Jessica is the founder of and leads the Advisory and Information Solutions business for Global Exchange, our data and analytics business, where she and her team created several new business lines including investable indices and advisory solutions. She also served as the chief innovation officer for Global Exchange, leveraging a unique blend of academic and industry knowledge to drive new solutions in the areas of portfolio analytics and data science to enhance returns, control risk, optimize performance, manage liquidity and monitor market conditions. Prior to her role in Global Exchange, she served as the global head of State Street Associates (SSA), our academic partnership, supporting the acceleration of innovation across State Street.

She has held teaching positions at Brandeis University and the University of Minnesota, and her published research can be found in the International Economic Review, the Emerging Markets Review and Finance Research Letters.

Jessica received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations, a Master of Arts degree in economics from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Science degree in agricultural economics from Virginia Tech and a doctorate in economics from the University of Minnesota.