Private Markets Solutions

Private Market Solutions

Private markets are increasingly becoming accessible to a larger cross section of investors with technological advancements and a global hunt for returns. With our solutions, we help you in day-to-day management of your funds, and support you in focusing on your core activities: developing products, generating returns for your investors and identifying new opportunities.

In 2021, we launched State Street AlphaSM for Private Markets that offers alternative investment managers a single platform for managing private market assets including infrastructure, private equity, real estate and private debt.

Scale and efficiency
With a broad ecosystem of technology integration through partners, our platform enables investment centralization, allowing clients to grow at scale across each business area.

Golden source of data
AlphaSM for Private Markets eliminates siloed data sources that may exist in multiple point solutions, spreadsheets and across teams. It provides near real-time intelligence from a single source of data and presents powerful insights.

Next-generation digital technology
Our competitive and advanced technology presents a single harmonized platform for your front, middle and back office functions, accelerating complex processes and reducing costs. 

Why State Street

Being a global market leader in alternative investment services, we remain committed to delivering flexible and innovative solutions for private investments, along with extensive product and service expertise. Our experience, capabilities and technology give us the competitive advantage to consistently meet your needs. With a global network of experienced private equity services professionals, and more than 20 years’ experience with general and limited partners, we can help you meet the changing requirements throughout the fund lifecycle. 

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