Separately Managed Accounts


Amid heightened demand for separately managed accounts (SMAs), managed account sponsors are prioritizing their ability to streamline advisor experience and consolidate platforms

Our SMA solutions address these needs by giving you more control over your investments. We apply a unified managed accounts (UMAs) model that offers streamlined pricing, simplified paperwork, a singular web interface and integrated front, middle and back-office services. By using our UMA model, SMAs can also accommodate multiple types of assets in a single account. 

Front office
Our solution for the front-office provides a model management solution, which includes auditable, web-based transmission of model updates, portfolio construction and analysis, trend analysis, performance measurement and attribution, compliance, regulatory and tax reporting, rep driven program and other services assisting you to derive better yield for your investments. 

Middle office
Our middle-office solutions assist you with trading, risk management, portfolio accounting, reconciliation workflow, performance and investor reporting, data and position management, helping you save operational overload.

Back office
Our back-office solutions handle your fund and account administration, and accounting, distribution, custody and settlement, account opening, home office tools and oversight.

Retail offering
We provide full trade lifecycle surveillance and risk capabilities, centralized pre-trade compliance and risk monitoring, centralized wealth management to support exception-based workflows, automated communications with multiple sponsors on a single platform, integration with third party tools such as customer relationship management systems and a detailed account performance reporting of your portfolio.

Our dedicated managed account business, builds and operates private platforms that are operationally robust, customizable and independent, while maintaining cost-efficiencies and an open-architecture.

Why State Street

Our cost-effective SMA solution lets you use our managed accounts platform on a standalone basis, providing significant flexibility backed by an independent governance and risk management infrastructure. We help you focus on your business by providing dynamic reporting on an intraday basis for active management and decision-making. We also offer comprehensive support for portfolio accounting, operational reporting, compliance, reconciliation, performance calculations and composite tracking.

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