Bring your back office into the light

Amid tightening markets and global uncertainties, institutional investors are looking for new ways to unlock value and maximize operational efficiencies.

While the back office may not have been top of mind in the past, its ability to maximize growth potential has placed it on institutional investors’ radars. Our investment servicing business can help illuminate your back office’s hidden value through our scalable, resilient, data-driven platform – with custody at its core.

Framing your back office at the forefront of your growth strategy

Reduce cost and complexity

Bringing efficiencies to your back office through a scalable, tech-led global service model can drive cost efficiencies, enabling you to focus your capital on strategic priorities and growth. Our scale and expertise can provide you with the agility and tools you need to propel your firm’s growth agenda.

Access new markets

Whether you’re looking to grow market share by expanding globally – or by embracing new business models and partnerships – making these kinds of moves is easier to achieve when you build a strong back-office capability framework. Our global operating model, which spans across 11 operational centers, offers reliable service powered by our proprietary, integrated technology.

Build new products and expand into new asset classes

Leverage our multiasset, cross-border expertise to launch new products, develop existing products, or help you diversify into new asset classes. Our comprehensive investment servicing infrastructure can help you achieve these endeavors with greater resiliency.

Drive innovation

Using our robust, data-driven platform, we can help you consolidate and modernize your infrastructure, transform and drive innovation at scale. Access real-time data and analytics across the investment lifecycle to accelerate decision-making.

Why State Street?

Our solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of global custody services that help our clients meet their investments needs, unlock growth, maximize efficiency and manage risk.

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Accelerate decision-making, streamline back-office processes and achieve operational efficiencies with our customizable accounting platform used by more than 100 US mutual fund companies.

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As a G-SIFI (global systemically important financial institution), we help mitigate operational risk by reducing failure points in operating models.

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Maximize returns, minimize risk and navigate complexities across multiple jurisdictions, governance structures and fund types with our global service footprint and cross-border expertise.

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Bring together firm-wide investment exposure, risk, regulatory and oversight obligations for internally and externally managed funds into one easy-to-use analytics platform.

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Our solutions provide the tools you need to assess your liquidity risk, access finance options and execute trading strategies that meet changing liquidity needs.

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We provide comprehensive services to meet UCITS and AIFMD requirements across a broad range of asset classes.

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Our data solutions help you manage, enrich and transform your data into an information advantage.

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