Reaching higher with our diversity goals

Reaching Higher with Our Diversity Goals

Our commitment to global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is unwavering and we continue to make progress on a variety of DEI initiatives.

We know that having a diverse workforce drives better business outcomes and therefore as we continue to grow, it is increasingly important that our business reflects the markets, clients and communities in which we operate. Goals are a useful tool to measure progress towards that outcome, enabling us to see the effects of our efforts to attract and retain talent. As of the end of our last multiyear goal cycle, we analyzed trends and recent achievements toward those goals and found that while we have made progress, gaps remain, particularly for representation of women, and African American/Black and/or Latinx/Hispanic employees of color.

Enterprise breakdown

We have updated our 2024-2030 multiyear diversity goals to include a few key enhancements:

  • We are leveraging market data to inform and guide our goal-setting process, seeking deeper understanding of the talent pools available in each market relative to State Street’s current workforce and available opportunities across our global footprint.
  • Our updated diversity goals now include established representation goals at all job levels from the early-career level, to our most senior level roles.
  • We now have gender-based goals specifically for India and Poland, two of our fastest growing locations, establishing segmented goals for women in both countries.
  • BIPOC goals can be further examined to show progress for African American/Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) talent.

We will utilize these enhancements to advance our multiyear representation goals strategy and continually assess our efforts to respond to any changes in the workforce and transparently report on our progress.

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