Collective Investment Trust Solutions

Collective Investment Trust Solutions

Whether you are a self-trustee operating your own collective investment trust (CIT), a third-party trustee providing services to other groups, or a company considering your CIT options, we deliver cost-efficient solutions with investment flexibility that can help you differentiate your strategies.

Why CITs?

  • Cost Efficient – Using a CIT-wrapper is less expensive than other vehicles, due to fewer administrative, legal and regulatory requirements, lower marketing and distribution costs, and the absence of board oversight requirements. This cost saving is often passed to end investors via a lower expense ratio.
  • Pricing Flexibility – Providers can structure a tailor-made CIT portfolio for a plan or group of plans with varied levels of negotiated fees.
  • Innovative Investment Strategies – CITs can offer strategies with broader flexibility of investment options than 1940 Act structures. These include, but are not limited to, derivatives, bank debt, ETFs, private equity and real estate. Also, CITs are not constrained by an illiquidity cap found in other investment vehicles.

Front-to-back platform
Access seamless connectivity through each step in the process, from the investment decision to safekeeping, providing operational efficiencies and a full suite of services across the investment lifecycle.

Our capabilities
With our administrative and ancillary capabilities, we support your fiduciary and governance requirements and offer performance measurement, risk management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) monitoring services.

Why State Street

Our custody and fund accounting services for CITs rely on our global, multicurrency fund accounting platform and can be customized according to your requirements. We support your operations with an understanding of your distinct and evolving needs and design a solution that is fit-for-purpose. Our expertise, insights and ecosystem of market participants help you realize your strategy and achieve your goals. With our scale and knowledge, you can access insights from industry and subject-matter experts and gain a competitive advantage.

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