Insights on Asia Pacific

The investment landscape in Asia Pacific is constantly evolving, creating both business and investment opportunities for global investors. At the same time, regional financial institutions are expanding in both scale and complexity.

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The Rise of the Superannuation Mega Fund
In this paper, we explore the transformational changes that funds are making across their operating models, infrastructure and investment management approach, and highlight the benefits of scale for funds growing in size and complexity.

Hong Kong Assures Its Competitiveness as a Private Equity Hub
We explore the key features of the Limited Partnership Fund and how it can prevail in a competitive landscape.

Opportunities and Challenges for Assets Owners in Asia Pacific
In this multi-part series, Peter Sherriff, product strategy for Asia Pacific at Charles River Development, explores ESG investing and the drivers underpinning its growth in APAC, the liquidity challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and how technology solutions are helping the region’s asset owners navigate regulatory change

Asset Allocation: Perspectives on Cash Portfolios
With institutions increasingly moving towards higher cash allocations, our senior strategists, Raf Choudhury and Dan Gerard, explore what’s behind investors’ behaviors, and offer their insights on where, when and how assets may be deployed.

Insights on the Australian ETF Market
Bolstered by regulatory reform and innovation, the ETF market in Australia has seen extraordinary growth. We connected with Arian Neiron, the head of Asia Pacific at VanEck, to discuss the trends.

COVID-19 Has Woken Asset Managers and Owners Up to the Possibilities of Outsourced Trading
Michele Hardeman, head of Global Markets in Asia Pacific, discusses how the global health pandemic is accelerating the process of outsourcing for investors of all sizes.

Participating in China’s Bond Market – Navigating an evolving landscape 
Read here about some of the latest developments in the onshore Bond Market, and some of the participation challenges for onshore managers.

Singapore entices fund managers with new VCC Structure
An educational synopsis of Singapore’s new Variable Capital Company covering what’s in scope and some of the critical success factors for widespread adoption.

Understanding China’s New Data Regime - What Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 Means for Fund Managers
Learn more about China’s expanded cyber security and data protection regime and the key implications for Fund Managers.