Industry Dialogue

Is Bitcoin Going Mainstream?

We brought together industry experts to discuss the potential for digital assets to fundamentally reshape capital markets.

March 2020

The conversation around bitcoin has changed substantially in just a few years. What was once labeled a bubble and a scam by industry leaders is now inching closer to the mainstream.

25 percent now say they are invested in digital currencies or related products, compared to just 5 percent one year ago.

For investors in search of a store of value or a non-correlated asset, bitcoin has potential, according to industry experts who joined our roundtable.

Our own research also points to signs of growing momentum in digital currency investments. In the 2019 update to our annual Growth Readiness Study of more than 500 asset managers, owners and insurers, 25 percent said they are invested in digital currencies or related products such as bitcoin futures. This is up five-fold from just one year ago.

As perceptions of bitcoin and digital currencies shift, institutional investors are seeing new potential.