Crisis as Catalyst

Corporate Resiliency and the Future of ESG

State Street Chairman and CEO Ron O’Hanley discusses the future of ESG with Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim.

June 2020

Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim, a State Street Associates research partner, is the author of ground-breaking analysis of the financial materiality of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on corporate performance.

In his popular “Reimagining Capitalism” course, he demonstrates why ESG issues are important corporate value drivers. Successful companies, he argues, will increasingly embrace the need to articulate a clear organizational purpose and redefine performance to include their impact on society, which should be measured, priced and included in financial statements. Ron O’Hanley recently sat down with George to discuss the pandemic-induced focus on corporate resiliency, the challenges of economic recovery and how both will affect the future of ESG.