Five Key Trends in the Evolving Frontier of Digital Assets


February 2020

Jay Biancamano, our head of US Digital Assets, explains how recent developments at State Street fit within a broader context of how we approach blockchain, and discusses our collaboration with Gemini Trust Company, LLC.

Here are five themes and trends that emerge from the article:

  • Role of the private money market: With private capital growing much faster than public capital, this opens the floor for tremendous opportunities where digital assets can directly connect investors with investments.
  • Turning illiquid assets into liquid instruments: Digital asset technology will play a significant role in converting illiquid assets into liquid instruments by digitizing them.
  • Merging asset classes and the advent of multi-asset trading: Digitization of assets synchronize the way they can be accessed and traded, paving the path for efficiently trading between various asset classes.
  • Asset intelligence and data: When you can get transparent data around how an asset trades, it helps automate trading against that digital asset.
  • Exchange traded and mutual funds enabled by blockchain: Blockchain can improve the way that funds are managed and traded.

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