Growth Readiness for Insurers

Capturing Opportunity
through Technology

Insurers are reprogramming their operating
models to find new opportunities.

In our 2017 Growth Readiness Study,* 72 percent of insurers told us they were concerned they may lose out to competitors if they can’t become more operationally agile.

Those with the agility and foresight to reprogram their existing insurance industry growth strategies will thrive.

What's more, 68 percent said it’s becoming more challenging to find avenues for insurance industry growth in today’s environment.

Our research points to three steps for insurance industry growth:

  • Rethink investment models
  • Strengthen client engagement
  • Align digital strategy with ambition

*State Street 2017 Growth Readiness Study. State Street commissioned Longitude Research to conduct a global survey of more than 500 investment industry executives, including 100 respondents from the insurance sector, during March and April of 2017. Study participants spanned investment, operations, sales and distribution roles.