Investment Growth for Asset Owners

An Intelligent Path to Investment Growth

A new model for investment growth can help
asset owners reach their full potential.

When asset owners think about their investment outlook over the next five years, they see a surplus of challenges.

By embracing new methods, and integrating human and machine intelligence, institutional investors can help protect and grow the assets entrusted to them.

Seventy-two percent of asset owners in our survey* say improving investment growth and performance is a major objective. But respondents acknowledge a few things are holding them back. Adequacy of talent and their ability to upgrade technology to meet evolving business needs top the list.

To reach their full investment growth potential, we recommend asset owners take three steps:

  • Widen the lens
  • Scale the model
  • Deepen the talent pool

*State Street 2017 Growth Readiness Study. State Street commissioned Longitude Research to conduct a global survey of more than 500 investment industry executives, including 205 respondents from the institutional asset owner sector, during March and April of 2017. Study participants spanned investment, operations and technology roles.