The Next Generation of Investment Operations: State Street Insurance Virtual Roundtable

Insurers observed a shift to remote working, quest for better outcomes and evolving regulations that led to the need of transforming their investment operations during COVID-19.

February 2021

In our first virtual roundtable for insurers, industry experts shared insights into how they addressed operational and technological challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and what are the trends that emerged, bringing new opportunities ahead.

Insurers left no stone unturned to identify opportunities in a low-yield market – be it transformations across the front-, middle- and back-office, rethinking investment portfolios or relying on outsourcing. From moving toward alternative asset classes to deploying data management strategies with the help of a global partner, they took a closer look at the next generation of investment operations and how they planned to rebuild stronger as they came out from the disruption driven by the crisis.

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