Discovering Phi

Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance

October 2016


The investment world faces a problem. Short-term thinking has disconnected us from our shared purpose: achieving clients’ long-term goals and in turn contributing to economic growth.

Organizations that can rediscover their purpose, perform better. Research from our Center for Applied Research uncovered three factors of motivation that impact firms’ long-term performance, client satisfaction and employee engagement:

Purpose. Habits. Incentives. Or what we call phi.

When the phi of the investment professional, the investment firm and their clients are aligned, there is a greater potential for sustainable organizational performance, across market cycles.

Armed with 18 months of research, in-depth interviews with more than 200 global industry leaders and the findings from a survey of nearly 7,000 respondents, our Center for Applied Research and project partner CFA Institute set out to answer one fundamental question.

How can we leverage motivation to achieve better financial outcomes?



Discovering Phi

After 18 months of research, we've made an important  discovery. Watch our video to find out more.