Helping Pension Funds
Protect Their Future

Q&A with Pat Donohoe, a relationship manager
for US public pension funds

October 2016

US public pension funds are facing colossal challenges. And they count on Pat Donohoe to help them navigate risk, governance and complex regulatory requirements. Hear how Pat is igniting the future for US public pension funds.

How do you work with pension funds?
I’m responsible for relationships with pension funds.

At a high level, this means I'm a client’s point of contact with State Street, and serve as their advocate within the organization – helping make sure their views are heard.

At a more granular level, I help pension fund clients keep track of their diverse assets and support them with their key objectives. Some of these objectives include making investment decisions, managing risk and ensuring they can meet future payments – not just next year but several decades from now.

How do you help pension funds plan for the future?
It really comes down to the focus on our clients. Supporting them is our top priority. In fact, we’ve built our technology around giving them access to the information they need to make decisions with confidence. Because we’re dedicated exclusively to institutional investors, we’re able to focus on what’s most important for them.

How is digitization benefitting your clients?
Real-time information is what it’s all about these days. By quickly giving our clients consolidated data, we help them make better decisions. Our investments in technology have been critical in helping us to meet their needs.

One area of focus is providing clients everything they require in real time, with a data warehouse they can access whenever they need to.

This is possible thanks to changes in how our business works. We’re a lot more agile and focused on technical projects, so we can make improvements quickly and keep the full team informed.

What most excites you about how your role will look in a few years?
I started here 22 years ago as a fund accountant. And I’m now a relationship manager.  Over the past two decades, I’ve seen the company evolve. We’re becoming a more diverse organization with a focus on technology, automation and making quicker, more agile decisions. It’s a forward-looking culture and it’s great to be part of it.