CEO Perspectives

Climate Change Is the Biggest Business Opportunity of the 21st Century

As COVID-19 links resiliency and sustainability, Ron O’Hanley talks to Anand Mahindra, chairman of one of India’s largest companies, about the wealth opportunities around climate change.

July 2020

Anand Mahindra is considered one of the world’s most innovative business leaders and has been an outspoken advocate of seizing the business opportunities associated with climate change.

He believes a false choice has been created between profit and sustainability. “The fact is that sustainability can create wealth,” he told the World Economic Forum recently. With trillions of dollars worth of climate-related business opportunities over the next two decades, Anand says, “We need to keep drumming the message that climate change is in fact this century’s biggest financial and business opportunity.”

In this conversation with Ron O’Hanley, Anand discusses how he came to focus so intensively on climate change issues, how Mahindra Group is incorporating sustainability into its long-term business strategy and what gives him hope about the future.