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The Rise of the Superannuation Mega Fund

We examine how Australia’s superannuation funds that are growing in size and complexity can obtain the benefits of scale.

July 2021

While assets under management may be increasing, the number of Australia’s superannuation funds is falling as regulatory pressure for lower fees and strong performance relative to peers drives consolidation in the industry.

Consolidation brings economies of scale, which is the central objective with many benefits. 

Babloo Sarin,
Head of Asset Owners, Asia Pacific

This has created even bigger “mega funds.”

In this paper, we examine consolidation in the superannuation industry and some of the transformational changes that funds are making across their operating models, infrastructure and investment management approach. We also explore the areas in which funds can benefit from scale, as they grow in size and complexity.


Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF)

In conversation with industry experts at the CMSF, Sinclair Scholfield discusses mergers and industry consolidation, the operational complexities that transitions bring and lessons learnt by funds who have been through the process.