Market Perspectives

The Next Chapter: Asia’s Asset Management Industry

We explore three key trends that will help shape the future of asset management in Asia.

January 2022

Nearly 40 years ago, Asia’s asset management landscape was unrecognizable.

China had only recently introduced its Open Door Policy designed to encourage foreign trade and investment. Computerized market information systems were a recent introduction in markets such as Japan, and electronic trading, which was establishing in North America, was yet to be introduced in Asian markets. Meanwhile, across the globe, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing was limited to a small number of investors practising exclusions based on ideological or religious values.

Over the last four decades, seismic shifts in each of these areas – from China’s financial liberalization, to rapid digitalization and the emergence of ESG – have radically transformed Asia’s fund industry.

Looking ahead, we outline three key trends that will shape the next chapter of Asia’s asset management industry.

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