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Asset managers and owners are faced with challenges as they look for additional sources of return in a competitive market environment. Our agency lending program provides customized custodial and third-party securities lending solutions. As your essential partner, we manage all lending activities from pre-trade to post-trade, backed by more than 40 years of agency lending experience. Access the depth and breadth of our capabilities with a dedicated risk management structure, borrower default indemnification and multiple routes to market with customized lending programs.


We offer electronic distribution and pricing with a wide range of electronic trading capabilities and the broad flexibility across collateral types. 

Risk management

We maintain consistent and comprehensive risk management controls, providing rigorous oversight and exceptional transparency to help ensure the safety of your assets.

Direct access lending

Our service enables direct principal loans between lending and borrowing clients.This service leverages our agency lending and enhanced custody programs to offer you a seamless peer-to-peer model, supported by the operational efficiency and expertise of a managed securities lending solution.

Asset and liability management

Our team aligns your risk and return objectives with your loan activity, provides access to a dedicated global cash management team, and gives you access to solutions that help you anticipate and navigate market events.

Cash collateral reinvestment with State Street Global Advisors

You benefit from our dedicated team of reinvestment specialists who provide a customized solution to collateral reinvestment, allowing you to determine portfolio guidelines according to your own risk appetite.

Customized reporting

We offer reporting in several base currencies and frequencies, along with access to our online client reporting portal and insightful market commentary from our industry experts.

Why State Street

Our agency lending program provides customized custodial and third-party securities lending solutions. As your agent, we manage all lending-related activities from pre-trade to post-trade. Our range of distribution channels increases your loan opportunities, while you benefit from a dedicated risk management structure and borrower default indemnification.

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