ETF servicing

Whether you’re launching your first fund or adding to an existing portfolio, you benefit from our experience in order-taking, custody, accounting and fund administration, and gain seamless access to global trading and securities lending from across our organization. With our global presence, you can confidently navigate the evolving ETF landscape and tap into new methodologies, offering outcomes-driven results.

We offer a range of ETF servicing solutions including:

  • Customized basket creation, calculation and dissemination, along with fully automated processing and straight-through processing (STP) processing for rebalancing and restricted trades
  • Web-based order creation and redemption that allows authorized participants to create and redeem shares via Fund Connect ETF
  • Transfer agent capability in many jurisdictions, which verifies that ETF units are reconciled to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation daily
  • Risk and portfolio accounting systems to create a STP environment for data transfer for our partners, and building interfaces to market-leading trade order management, while leveraging industry-standard methods of communication, such as SWIFT
  • The daily net asset value (NAV) as part of our investment analytics services and assess daily tracking errors against the benchmark
  • Restricted names using our agency-based broker dealer, when ETF authorized participants create/ redeem shares to improve efficiency for authorized participants and maintain tax efficiency

Celebrating 30 years of innovation

We have been delivering new innovations to support today’s trillion-dollar ETF marketplace for over 30 years, and we’re here to help you achieve better outcomes in the months and years ahead.

The State Street difference

For active managers and new market entrants, our guidance allows you to launch an ETF that aligns with industry best practices at every stage, regardless of structure or model. With easy access to scalable models and market insights, we offer support for all actively managed ETF structures. You can engage easily and efficiently with the ETF ecosystem by leveraging our deep relationships with major industry bodies across the globe. Our tools and technology are designed and built to fulfill your changing needs, from automation to driving efficiency and knowledge-building. With our integrated solutions, you can traverse every ETF region and scale your offerings efficiently and compliantly with the only provider that serves all major ETF markets. 

As a recognized leader in servicing all types of ETFs, we were the first provider to support each of the semi-transparent active ETF models and have been named to service several global cryptocurrency ETF launches.

For existing ETF issuers, our global market breadth and expertise allows you to leverage the most sophisticated tools and a superior service model to enable you to benefit from economies of scale.

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