Financing solutions

Financing and collateral

As margin requirements become increasingly complex, investors are looking for a reliable partner to help them free up cash and highly sought securities to create incremental returns. Managers are looking to access liquidity easily and need actionable insights to support their trading activity and long-term objectives.

We aligned our securities and financing solutions to deliver a holistic and flexible set of short-term liquidity and trading capabilities. We offer channels, choices and innovative products that make financing and cash management simpler and more efficient.

Agency lending

Acting as agents, we manage all trading activities and related functions. You gain tailored solutions that offer enhanced yield and extensive risk monitoring oversight. Our depth of lendable assets and strong market position provide you with more trading opportunities and competitive pricing.

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Prime services

The ability to borrow and finance securities directly from your custodial account eliminates the need for triparty arrangements, providing you with greater visibility and control over your assets. Take advantage of a range of financing solutions, from memo-pledge and self-financing to self-borrow and repledge.

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Secured financing

Our Secured financing solution offers accessibility to cash investment and financing outlets for a wide range of institutional participants. Take advantage of our marketing-leading sponsored repo offering through the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC), innovative peer-to-peer financing structures through VenturiSM, and stable, competitively-priced leverage through Secured Fund Financing.

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Why State Street

Using our full suite of short-term solutions designed to support the buy side’s increasing interest in optimizing their portfolio holdings, you can now achieve more efficient margining, repo financing, margin-like financing and securities lending by identifying potential areas for savings, profits and, ultimately, achieving alpha.

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