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One Platform, Many Benefits

Streamline and Simplify
Your Investment Process

With increased complexity in all aspects of your operations, there is more pressure than ever before to work faster and smarter. State Street AlphaSM brings together the tools, resources, insights and partners you need — at your fingertips on a single platform.

Innovation Through Partnership

Changing the Way We
Work with You

Almost three-quarters of insurers report concerns about losing out to competitors if they don’t become more operationally agile.

For COO Lou Maiuri, the Alpha platform exemplifies how we use partnership and collaboration to power innovation. By delivering scale to help you grow your business and resilience to help you navigate challenging markets, we are changing not only the way you work, but how we work together.


Industry Insights

Moving from Volatility to Value

For firms grappling with fundamental challenges, periods of market turmoil can offer an opportunity to re-examine priorities. To help you stay hyper-focused on your core activities, we’ll work with you to implement the infrastructure and scale you need, regardless of market conditions.


Client-First Innovation

Transforming Technology for the Future

Every day, our clients rely on us for the information technology infrastructure to record and securely execute high volumes of complex financial transactions. Across our company, we are integrating our solutions to meet your needs — from portfolio allocation to analytics and reporting.



Harmonizing Data

Beating the Data Complexity Challenge

Across multiple platforms and providers, pulling value from data has never been more difficult or more important. In a two-part conversation, Richard Dodds, head of Alpha Platform Solutions in EMEA, discusses how our front-to-back solution is helping you solve your data fragmentation concerns and make better-informed decisions.