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One Platform, Many Benefits

Streamline and Simplify
Your Investment Process

With increased complexity in all aspects of your operations, there is more pressure than ever before to work faster and smarter. State Street AlphaSM brings together the tools, resources, insights and partners you need — at your fingertips on a single platform.

Manage Risk. Generate Returns.

The Alpha Advantage

By helping to automate manual processes and accelerate your ability to gain new insights, our front-to-back platform delivers real-time views of your investments, exposures and investable cash on a single desktop. See how we can support your specific goals and needs.



Alpha Data Platform

Platform, Ecosystems and Interoperability

A New Paradigm for Investment Managers

Like ecosystems in the natural world, technology constantly evolves and adapts to its environment. Our experts, Swati Verma and Michael Beattie, discuss how the open architecture of State Street AlphaSM and its interoperability with third-party solutions can help drive transformational value by delivering fit-for-purpose applications and services.


Alpha Data Platform

Data. Managed.

An effective data management strategy can help you uncover new insights, operate more efficiently, and better serve your clients. The Alpha Data Platform streamlines your data environment, efficiently delivering higher-quality data for your business, so you can manage and interpret your data at scale.


Monitoring Enterprise Wide Cash and Positions
2020 Annual Report

Setting a New Industry Standard

As you reassess your current and future requirements, faster time to market, greater data accuracy, and improvements in resiliency, efficiencies and scale can help keep you focused on identifying new growth opportunities and delivering on your competitive differentiators. That’s the Alpha advantage.


Harmonizing Data

Beating the Data Complexity Challenge

Across multiple platforms and providers, pulling value from data has never been more difficult or more important. In a two-part conversation, Richard Dodds, head of Alpha Platform Solutions in EMEA, discusses how our front-to-back solution is helping you solve your data fragmentation concerns and make better-informed decisions.