Today’s economic environment is too complex to navigate solo

From investment performance demands to new regulatory requirements, asset managers and owners face intense challenges. Having a partner they can rely on for long-term success is critical. With every relationship, we start by developing a deep understanding of clients’ short- and long-term goals, then work in close collaboration to ensure we’re always finding better ways to achieve them.

This is how we become our clients’ essential partner.

Taking a 360-Degree Approach to Service

The launch of our Global Clients Division is a big step toward furthering our holistic approach to client relationships. By having a dedicated team responsible for our largest and most complex relationships, we can concentrate the full power of our capabilities in a more coordinated, personalized way. That full-service model is also at the heart of our flexible front-to-back platform, spurred by last year’s acquisition of Charles River Development. By connecting our clients’ activities across the investment process, we’re helping them achieve operational efficiencies, get to market faster and strengthen performance — all on a single platform.

Adding Value with Proprietary Thought Leadership and Insights

Our approach to deeper client relationships emphasizes open, frequent communication and knowledge sharing. Our clients expect leading edge insights, and so we prioritize our ability to provide differentiated thought leadership and research and be conversant in market and industry trends. We collaborate with clients to make sure we’re focused on relevant industry topics that matter most: from trends in asset management, to the latest technological advances, to the industry’s biggest disruptors.