Meet the Collateral+ Team

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Staffan Ahlner
Global Head of Collateral Management

Staffan is the global head of Collateral+, a part of the Funding and Collateral Solutions group at State Street. Staffan, who previously led BNY Mellon Markets’ global collateral management business, builds on our core collateral management capabilities and develops future solutions.


Sam Edwards
APAC Head of Collateral Management

Based in Hong Kong, Sam drives Collateral+ in the Asia-Pacific region while enabling us to fully support our global client base. Sam has nearly two decades of experience in collateral, inventory and liquidity optimization. Prior to joining State Street, he was head of the APAC Central Collateral Desk for Credit Suisse.


Lynne Jimenez
Relationship Management, Funding and Collateral Solutions

Lynne is responsible for relationship management of Collateral+ clients and supports business development for our Funding and Collateral Solutions team. Prior to joining the FaCT team, Lynne was a relationship manager for State Street’s custody book of business inclusive of the third-party collateral segregation clients.


Travis Keltner
Managing Director, Funding and Collateral Solutions

Travis is the global head of financing and analytics, a part of the Funding and Collateral Solutions team at State Street. His role includes oversight of fixed-income, secured funding trading activities, including activities related to cleared, sponsored and peer-to-peer financing. Previously, he held several Treasury and markets-related funding, liquidity and strategy roles in Boston and Sydney, Australia.


Olivia Moy
Product Development Manager, Collateral Management

Olivia is the product development manager for Collateral+, focusing on building and enhancing the product suite. Previously, Olivia was part of BNY Mellon’s Collateral Segregation business that provided solutions for Uncleared Margin Rules.


Owen Nichols
Managing Director, Business Development, Funding and Collateral Solutions

Owen leads business development efforts for our Funding and Collateral Solutions team. Previously, he led Business Development and Relationship Management for our Agency Lending business in the Americas.


Ingvar Sigurjonsson
Head of Analytics, Funding and Collateral Solutions

Ingvar is responsible for Collateral+ analytics, enhancing our clients’ bottom line through an end-to-end optimization framework. He has held previous roles in securities finance and repo funding and developed the collateral optimization framework for our principal book.