ESG at State Street

We are committed to helping the world’s investors achieve better outcomes for the people they serve by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) value drivers into everything we do. 
Through solutions that enable our clients to measure, manage and research ESG risks and opportunities, using our voice and vote to steer our portfolio companies to adopt more sustainable practices, and embedding ESG across our own business, we are working to build a more resilient and inclusive future.

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Our ESG Solutions

As one of the world’s largest asset servicers, our ESG investing solutions help you measure and report your ESG attributes while enabling seamless integration of disparate ESG data and analytics sources across your investment operations. Our asset management solutions, including engagement with our portfolio companies, active and index-based ESG strategies, including ETFs, and ESG integration, are aimed at delivering long-term value. And by partnering with the world's leading ESG experts, we provide decision-useful research and thought leadership.

Championing Our Core Values

ESG for Our Business and Communities

ESG BizComm

ESG informs our long-term business strategy and drives engagement with all of our stakeholders — investors, clients, employees and communities — on issues of environmental sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and resilient markets, economies and societies.

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PRI Leaders’ Group for climate reporting best practices
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Whether you are looking to enhance how you measure and report ESG factors, better manage your risk, align investments to your values or gain deeper insights into how ESG can help you generate sustainable performance, we are here to help.