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Collateral+ 2021 Symposium

New approaches to collateral and liquidity are emerging, representing a tremendous opportunity for the buy side.


In March, we convened more than 20 experts to engage in a vibrant discussion on portfolio optimization, collateral management compliance with Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR), new buy-side financing tools, opportunities with digital assets, and much more.

Optimizing Your Collateral Management Strategy

Hear about the importance of planning and executing holistic collateral strategies, the evolution of collateral management solutions for the buy side, and the importance of integrated, end-to-end capabilities to improve efficiencies and standardize workflow.

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Portfolio Optimization and Analytics: Are You Optimal?

Experts from the event analyze the collateral and portfolio optimization tools available to help reduce costs, enhance yield and improve performance.

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Post-Trade: Are You Ready to Be Compliant?

A debate on how UMR is presenting challenges to a broader universe of firms in its final phases, the data and analytics required to meet compliance, and how tri-party operating models can help gain efficiencies across counterparty interactions.

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Transforming Repo Markets: A Conversation with Travis Keltner and Josh Galper

A fireside chat on how liquidity tools continue to evolve to empower the buy side and an introduction to State Street’s new peer-to-peer repo offering.

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Extending the Digital Ecosystem: Are You Thinking Digital?

A panel discussion on how digital assets are shaping capital market infrastructure, and the radical shift these new technologies present for market participants.

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The Buyside Marketplace: Are You Maximizing Your Liquidity?

Our experts discuss the importance of maximizing liquidity for the buy side, and how trading collateral as an asset class can help drive better performance and reduce opportunity costs.

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