Securities Finance
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Securities Finance

A valuable tool in today’s market, securities finance can play a key role in your portfolio risk management strategy. With global coverage supported by five regional trading desks, we provide access to tailored financing solutions across a range of strategies and asset classes. Together, we’ll develop a flexible, risk-based approach to help you get the most out of your lending program.


Choice. Innovation. Transparency.

Optimizing Your Portfolio

Named most innovative lender of the year by the Global Investor/ISF Survey 2020,* we work with you to understand your needs, drawing on our products and technology to build a solution that fits your investment strategy. With multiple options, you can rely on our market knowledge to develop a lending program that helps achieve your objectives.

*Global Investor / International Securities Finance (ISF) Survey 2020



Featured Insights

Generating Returns with
Securities Lending

In a yield-chasing environment where every basis point counts, returns from securities lending can be a means of alpha generation.


Aligning Responsible Investing
with Securities Lending

Amid new opportunities for aligning securities lending with
responsible investing, we clarify common misconceptions.


The Rise of Non-Cash

Our experts explain the trends behind investors growing
participation in securities lending, starting with the 2008 financial crisis.


Working with You

How Can We Help?

Since launching our securities finance program in 1974, we’ve worked closely with clients to develop specialized trading and distribution through one of the market’s largest and most-valued supply channels. Whether you are looking to access securities loan and financing opportunities, maintain flexibility or manage risk, we are here to help.