Data and Analytics
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Investment Analytics

Integrated Performance for the Multi-Asset Class Platform

Whether you’re already invested or adding alternative assets to your plan, you need the complete investment picture, including accurate on-the-fly aggregations and a comprehensive set of analytics.

Our multi-asset class solution gathers all of your portfolio information — including alternative investment data — onto one platform, so you can manage, view and analyze your entire investment universe on a single screen.

Transparency. Insights. Flexibility.

With comprehensive, consistent data aggregation and calculations, our solution delivers:

  • Support for multiple books of record
  • Clear sight of lineage at the transaction level
  • Public Market Equivalent and other key ratios across private assets
  • On-the-fly compositing at any level of aggregation for any grouping types
  • Capability to calculate IRRs, TWRs and Modified Dietz on any estimated or actual valuations
  • The ability to configure up to 20 valuation types for more comprehensive analysis

Integrated Data Is Key to Performance Measurement

Developed in partnership with Solovis®, an industry innovator, our solution is powered by DataGX®, our data-as-a-service capability. DataGX® manages and aggregates your accounting book of record and alternative asset data, including third-party information which is sent via API to Solovis®. Access your results in the Solovis® platform, launched via the client portal, where you can analyze your entire investment universe, aggregate data on-the-fly and create custom reporting. With our multi-asset class solution, you have the information and insights you need to track performance and identify new opportunities for growth.