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Investment Operations

Derivatives and Collateral Services

As regulatory reform continues to impact the derivatives market, changes to standardization, transparency, collateral management and credit risk could increase your large infrastructure investments.

Our end-to-end solution can meet your needs — from straight-through processing to settlements, payments, servicing, collateral management and reconciliations. You can choose from a full product suite or individual components, all with a buy-side focus.

Futures execution

Flexible execution offering allowing clients to use their preferred system configuration or integrate with our award winning front end execution platform, incorporating risk and allocation tools.

Futures clearing

For more than 70 exchanges, we provide clearing and post-trade solutions — as either a direct member or through third-party intermediaries. Our focus is on supporting the highest quality institutional clients so you benefit from our financial strength, and receive efficient, flexible and reliable service throughout the trade lifecycle.


With our global derivatives platform, you can automate processing across your middle and back offices. From trade confirmation and allocations to settlement and reporting, our formats link to central counterparties and industry utilities. Streamline operations, keep pace with regulatory and industry changes, and reduce your operational risk — without costly infrastructure investments.

Collateral services

With constantly evolving global regulations and increased margin requirements across cleared and uncleared transactions, counterparty risk must be managed holistically — no matter where or why collateral is held. Our collateral services automate the collateral management process over the life of the transaction, from margin call calculation to global reporting.

OTC derivative valuations

For greater pricing accuracy and transparency, we offer an independent valuation service for OTC derivatives. The service can be streamlined with our multicurrency custody and accounting platform, and collateral management system, taking you from automated trade capture to inclusion of prices in the fund’s net asset value. All of which will help you reduce your risk and reliance on counterparty prices.

Risk and analytics reporting

Analyze and manage your portfolio more effectively with our real-time, web-based interface. Covering a wide range of asset classes, including exchange traded and OTC derivatives, it will give you a comprehensive picture of your position and portfolio exposures.