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Investment Analytics

Alternatives Transparency

As you look to alternatives to achieve returns, you’re also looking for a holistic view of your investment risk. truView®, our data management solution for public and private investments, can help — whether State Street is your custodian or not. Our alternatives transparency offering includes both an advanced, position-based solution and a standard, exposure-level solution to help you model alternative investments in a way that’s consistent with your other investments.

truView provides fund transparency through exposure for equity, sovereign and interest rates, credit and convertible bond, currency, real asset and commodities. And our position-based online solution meets more advanced needs, including:

  • Aggregating fund positions each month
  • Performing exposure reporting, including standardized and client-driven tags attributed to each position, which provides high flexibility

We aggregate positions from administrators, prime brokers, custodians and funds themselves.

  • For hedge funds, we calculate analytics based on the underlying holdings and can offer you daily, weekly or monthly reporting based on your needs
  • For private equity and real estate funds, we offer a number of different proxying techniques and can provide you with a full range of position-based analytics, including stress testing, VaR analysis, risk decomposition, sensitivities and what-if analysis