Volatility to Value
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Partnership for Growth

Helping You Move from Volatility to Value

The pandemic has highlighted the industry’s need for greater resiliency, deeper investment insights and better liquidity management. Our global scale, operational strength and information technology infrastructure were well-poised to support clients during this most difficult period. We remain committed to helping you succeed in any market environment.



Transform Your Business

Capabilities and Solutions

A global operating model, expert client relationship teams 
and multiple processing hubs to support business continuity.


Integrated analytics, reporting and funding 
help meet your liquidity and financing needs.


Real-time data and intelligence across the investment 
lifecycle to enable better decision-making.




Volatility to Value

Strength and Stability

Operational Resilience

No matter what market challenges you face, we can help you maintain business continuity—and achieve your growth goals—through our globally diversified, ‘follow the sun’ and split operating model with built-in redundancies.


Precision and Flexibility

Liquidity Solutions

Our consistently high credit ratings and global scale mean you have access to liquidity wherever you see investment opportunities. Our comprehensive liquidity offering includes decision-making and strategy planning, funding and execution solutions to help you continue to transact in volatile environments.


Harmonized Data, Technology and Services

State Street AlphaSM

For firms grappling with fundamental challenges, periods of market turmoil can offer an opportunity to re-examine priorities. Our front-to-back platform brings together your choice of real-time data and intelligence across the investment lifecycle to help you make better decisions and deliver growth for your clients.


Working with You

How Can We Help?

We offer the scale, expertise, solutions and insights that are critical to your success in any market condition. Get in touch to learn how we can build a partnership for growth.