Asset Manager Perspective

Meeting Client Needs in a Crisis

John Lehner, head of our asset manager client solutions, shares his perspective on the results of our 2020 Volatility Study. Conducted by CoreData Research, our study assesses the business impact of COVID-19 on investors and highlights their views on how asset managers have handled the crisis.


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Taking advantage of growth opportunities in today’s market is easier said than done. You need access to the right technology, operational infrastructure and asset intelligence.

Through partnerships based on trust, we share ideas, challenges and experiences. Our insights come from every conversation we have and every piece of research we do. We are always looking for new ways to help you meet challenges and seize opportunities.

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Industry Trends

Your Partner in Trading

For managers facing increased financial, regulatory and operational pressures, outsourced trading is helping drive
growth in a cost-constrained environment. Working together,
we’ll build a support model that allows you to delegate responsibilities without losing control.


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Women in Finance
Are Built to Lead

Colette Taylor, CEO and chair of Russell Investments Trust Company, believes that inclusive leadership can drive growth and connect your organization’s mission with its values.



Industry Focus

Sustainability Is About Managing Risk 

Identifying, evaluating and managing risk are major objectives for long-term investors. Ron O'Hanley, our chairman and CEO, discusses how focusing on sustainability can help investors navigate the risks that transcend personal, political or social views to target both long- and short-term value.