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How Do Sovereign Wealth Funds Invest?

Sovereign wealth funds are a prominent and diverse group of asset owners that, with unencumbered fiscal resources, have significant influence on the global markets. In this paper, we explore how these funds are allocating assets and their increasing convergence with other institutional investors.


Working With You

Protecting the Wealth

Making financial decisions that affect a nation’s wealth is a huge responsibility.

We partner with central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other official institutions to help them address their biggest challenges.

We give you analytical support to manage risks, no matter how complex your holdings. We work with you to find solid returns, even in a tough environment. We can support you across asset classes and markets providing global scale, but local insight and knowledge when you need it. And we’ve earned our clients’ trust with our emphasis on confidentiality and data security.

79% of official institutions have built talent in data management and analytics.*
Market Analysis

Pandemic, No Panic

As economies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we teamed up with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds to explore how long-term institutional investors approached risk and asset allocations in a falling market.


*State Street and IFSWF Research Study, 2020

Ashby Monk

Industry Perspectives

Five Trends in Digital Assets

Jay Biancamano, our head of US Digital Assets, discusses how the themes he sees emerging in the digital asset market are being woven into the fabric of financial services.


Corporate Governance

Taking the Long View on Shareholder Activism

Our Chairman and CEO is on the front lines of bringing change to corporate boardrooms. Ron O’Hanley sat down with The Wall Street Journal to discuss how corporate governance is transforming the industry.