Reaching Higher with Our Diversity Goals

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Our inclusive and diverse culture defines who we are. With employees around the world, we know that our differences are what make us a stronger company. We are committed to developing an environment that offers equal opportunities to individuals with distinctive backgrounds and unique perspectives.

Gauging our progress

Diversity Goals

What’s working and where we can improve
Maintaining transparency about our progress to date and where we have more work to do is an important part of holding ourselves accountable.

In 2022, we achieved two out of the eight diversity goals year over year. In particular, we advanced our five-year goal for managing directors (MD) and assistant vice presidents (AVP) in the US employees of color demographic.

We also saw year-over-year improvement for representation of women globally at the senior vice president (SVP), MD and AVP levels. Results were disappointing at the VP level, although our retention and promotion rates remain strong.

We understand the importance of having a diverse talent pipeline and have implemented plans to improve our efforts. Additionally, we have enhanced our diversity hiring processes to make progress toward our aspirational diversity goals. This includes having diverse candidate slates for MD and above roles, as well as having diverse interview panels.

What’s next
We are committed to advancing progress against our goals. While we made positive progress over the past five years in six of the eight goal categories, as of Q1 2023, we accomplished five out of the eight goals. This includes surpassing our five-year goal at all levels in the US employees of color demographic. Also, we have achieved representation for women globally at the SVP level, continuing to make incremental progress.

Another way we are making progress is by continuing to lean into our 10 Actions Against Racism and Inequality. We developed these 10 Actions to confront inequalities and build equity into our workplace and business, paying specific attention to our talent pipeline of Black and Latinx employees and candidates.

We are continuing to work toward full achievement of our goals and transparently reporting on our progress. In the coming months we will be working to establish longer term goals that include our broader representation priorities, and are inclusive of other dimensions of diversity.

10 Actions to Address Racism and Inequality
Learn about our focus on building more equity through our talent processes.

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