Gino L. Timperio

Gino L. Timperio
Head of Financing and Collateral Solutions and Securities Finance

Gino is executive vice president and is both head of Financing and Collateral Solutions and Securities Finance within State Street Global Markets.

He joined State Street in 1989 as part of the Master Trust unit. Gino spent the next five years within the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) unit and subsequently, 19 years within the Securities Lending Division. During his tenure in the Securities Lending Division, Gino assented into the chief operating officer role, supporting two consecutive division heads and ultimately assumed the role of global head of the Agency Securities Lending Program in 2015. Chief among his responsibilities was the advancement of customized client solutions with oversight of all requisite risk-return characteristics inherent in the securities lending program and the global prioritization, coordination and execution of key business and strategic initiatives. Subsequently, in support of a mobility opportunity, Gino was tasked in the latter part of 2016 with advancing a collateral management and financing initiative within State Street Global Markets. These efforts were accelerated in 2019 when Gino was tasked with consolidating and transitioning the bank’s collateral efforts from essentially a service orientation into a commercially viable, product construct. In the aggregate, these initiatives entailed the strategic advancement of a centrally cleared, sponsored member repo financing product as well as the development of a variety of collateral and funding advisory and optimization strategies and tools. Most recently, in December 2021, Gino expanded his remit further by (rejoining and) assuming leadership of the Securities Finance Division, a homecoming of sorts for Gino, given his prior experiences. The convergence, integration and totality of these services comes together under the central theme of Financing and Collateral Solutions.

Gino earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Bentley College and has been a long standing member of the Risk Management Association.