December 2021


The Future of Modern Transaction Cost Analysis

From expanding into cryptocurrencies to providing a cloud-based data warehouse, theBestX transaction cost analysis (TCA) solution is focused on becoming an essential tool for daily trade activity.

Yangling Li,head quantitative trader at BestX, provides deeper insights into the next-generation of transaction cost analysis (TCA) with quantitative and machine learning models, and the evolution of TCA into less-liquid asset classes.

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To better understand what’s behind the explosive growth in private equity investing, we’ve brought together two industry experts who’ve been following the PE market for decades.

Consumer pricing index data shows that global inflation is rising once again, with most countries remaining at the highest levels that we have seen in the 13 years since we started collecting data online.

It’s hard to unify the often disparate findings of stock momentum and reversal effects documented in literature. Many distinct sources of momentum and reversal coexist, short-term reversal has intensified post-2010 and winning sectors tend to crash more than winning factors.

Measuring active positions by looking at actual versus benchmark positions provides investor behavior patterns that can be used to assess and budget risk to help develop and refine investment strategy.

The study of investor behavior has many practical approaches. When applied across aggregated conviction trades and aggregated unwinding trades, it can deliver multiple layers of insight into investment risk and performance potential.

Transitory or persistent? Driven by supply-side issues and the pandemic-induced labor shortage, the global impact and drivers of inflation offer clues about what’s next for growth.

Commodity foreign exchange? European equities? Or sterling yen? Which of our investment strategy experts makes the best case for growth opportunities?

Unlike traditional trading, the value of crypto trading is driven primarily by perception of future use.

With Central Bank communication distributed infrequently, interpretation from media outlets around the world offers deeper insights and perspectives into potential monetary policy shifts.

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