VenturiSM by State Street

Macro trends such as market volatility and a changing interest rate environment highlight the importance of liquidity in day-to-day financing strategies. For buyside firms looking to invest or borrow cash, the market for repurchase agreements (repos) offers the ability to tap into liquidity sources. We’re unlocking opportunities in the repo market, making the process easier and more accessible to participants.

VenturiSM empowers cash investors and borrowers to interact directly with each other on the industry’s first peer-to-peer repo platform integrated with indemnification and triparty settlement support. Our platform streamlines the repo process by effectively removing intermediaries and providing greater transparency, giving you the power to make decisions that align best with your goals.

Venturi builds on our deep expertise in securities financing, peer-to-peer repo and collateral management, delivering an automated, efficient option to help you meet your liquidity needs. Our platform provides you with:

Connectivity and transparency

The platform allows investors and borrowers to negotiate directly with each other, streamlines the transaction process, and gives you a wider range of counterparties and expanded eligible collateral options, without increasing risk.  

Built-in operational efficiencies

With our deep trade management and servicing expertise, we can help manage your post-trade transaction maintenance – including collateral valuation, margining and settlement confirmations – and improve operational efficiency.

Streamlined via automation

Our platform can be fully integrated into your systems, facilitating data aggregation and flow, and removing risks associated with manual processes. You receive actionable information to help you seize opportunities.


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Why State Street

As one of the world’s largest custodians with an industry-leading buy-side network and a focus on innovation, we provide clients with a new, streamlined platform that helps meet their financing and liquidity needs. With Venturi, clients gain access to a peer-to-peer marketplace, improved transparency, and integrated operational support for greater efficiencies. As an established market leader in the repo industry, we’re well-positioned to service the entire repo lifecycle in the best way possible ─ from trade initiation to settlement and post-trade management.


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