Peer-to-Peer Repo


Our peer-to-peer repo solution is backed by our deep market expertise and extensive client network that helps you access new pools of liquidity, providing competitive overnight and term cash investment financing through a common platform. This solution allows for a variety of eligible collateral types: US Treasury and agency securities, agency mortgage-backed securities (AMBS), and US investment-grade (IG) corporate bonds versus US dollars.

Key economic benefits

  • Higher rates earned by cash investors relative to traditionally-offered repo rates
  • Competitive cost of funding for cash borrowers, inclusive of our fee

Buy-side markets network

  • Collaborative group of buy-side investors (asset managers (traditional and non-traditional), asset owners, insurers, corporates) engaged to drive peer financing solutions tailored to their needs
  • Aim to accelerate growth and scale of peer-to-peer markets, with broad participation and supportive of multiple asset classes and currencies
  • Collective assessment of when/where cleared solutions may best serve the buy-side; drive and help shape structures accordingly

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